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When the animals were allowed...

to speak for a day

von Franz Spengler

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Britta and her little sister Insa were once again allowed to drive to their grandmother during the holidays. Both were looking forward to that because they enjoy staying with her a lot. The grandmother lived on a beautiful large farm, far out in the country. When the sisters were with her, they often were allowed to play on the meadow , where many fruit trees and flowers were blooming... Now granmother started to tell whith a story: It was on a balmy summer day when suddenly all the animals on the earth had the need to migrate to a specific location. They did not know why, only, that it must be a beautiful place. Most of them had often dremed about this... That is strange, that the flowers are still blooming here in the evening. Actually their calyxes are already closed this time, wondered the deer. Small dew drops were hanging on flowers and leaves. Through the moonlight the drops sparklet in all colours... Suddenly from the sky a big and bright beam of light down to the earth, which was surrounded by thousands and thousands of small points of light...   


A selected group of animals, go on a travel to a namless place, of which all had dreamed often. When they had arrived on this mysterious place, a very mystic experience startet for them, which were changing their life abrubtly. After that, they got the talent to speak the language of people for a day. The animals should report human about their fears and worry. They should them tell, that the most of them live in very closely stables..., that they endure pain and suffering like people... and that the are our siblings. They only look differnt. 


Ein wunderschönes Märchen für kleine und große  Leser. Sehr gut zum Vorlesen geeignet. Es vermitelt Werte, wie Zusammenhalten, Freundschaft, das Danke und Bitte sagen, Achtsamkeit, Mut.

Wurde für pädagogisch Wertvoll eingestuft.