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Combined cook and bake book

von K.D. Michaelis

14.99 €
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In addition to spelled-based bread dumplings, the Alpine cooking recipes presented here also include spaetzle and finger noodles. Since cooking yourself takes quite a bit of time, it often makes sense to make a larger quantity right away. As an alternative to freezing, however, you can sensibly plan for the remaining quantities from the outset. For example, leftover spelled rolls can be made into delicious bread dumplings. Leftover bread dumplings become particularly tasty main dishes, such as roasted dumplings or sour dumplings. Spelled spaetzle are not only a great accompaniment to a roast, they also cut a particularly good figure as cheese spaetzle.

Mini curd/quark swabian noodles Put the flour, quark (curd) and spices in a bowl and mix together. Make a deepening in the middle. Pour eggs and water into the deepening. Mix from the cen-ter with a cooking spoon to form a smooth dough. Whip up the dough with a wooden spoon until it starts to show some bubbles. It will take a few minutes. Cover the bowl with a cotton kitchen towel and let rest for about 30 minutes. The quark (curd) makes this spaetzle dough moister and a little more liquid, which means that it drops more quickly through the round openings of the spaetzle sieve into the boiling water. Which is why these are particularly small and fluffy ′Knöpfli′ that swell nicely in the boiling water... Sour bun/bread roll dumplings Halve the remaining dumplings and cut into slices that are not too thick. Cut the spring onions into rings or halve the onions and cut into thin slices. Put everything in a salad bowl. Make a vinaigrette from salt, pepper, vinegar, oil and a little water and pour over the dumplings. Mix well and let it steep for at least a quarter of an hour. Garnish with the chives rolls... Variations: Mixed sausage/dumpling salad In addition, halve ½ ring (poultry) meat sausage, cut into thin slices and add to the sliced dumplings...


A combined cookery and baking book with spelt recipes from Southern Germany, Austria and South Tyrol for delicious homemade alpine cuisine. All ingredients are converted into cups or teaspoons etc. The baking temperature is shown in 3 different ways: in °F top/bottom heat as well as in °C top/bottom heat and in °C convection.


If you are looking for real alpine cuisine, you will find it here. In addition to classic recipes from German cuisine, there are also many recipes that can be enjoyed regionally in southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland or South Tyrol. These alpine recipes in particular are otherwise only very rarely found in English-language cookery and baking books and if they are, they are usually prepared with wheat flour, which is often rather incompatible, and not with spelled flour, which is significantly less highly cultivated and therefore more compatible.