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Politik, Gesellschaftskritik
Buch Leseprobe The Matriarchy, Steven Fox
Steven Fox

The Matriarchy

Society of the Mother-right

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Against other allegations, the matriarchy has indeedexisted.


And it’s exists also in the present, even though only isola­ted and rudimentary. And even on several continents, like in Asia, America and Africa, for example.

The matriarchy is summarized a society with following features:

•       no rule of women, but equal rights for man and wo­man

•       a peaceful society (nearly without wars)

•       matrilineal lineage in clans, that means no families in present sence

•       an economic compensation society, without private

wealth and dominion.

Matriarchy means the harmony of human, society, nature and cosmos. The secret of the succes is to connect all levels with each other.

The rituals of the community life, prevent egoism and the concentration of power. The community expects promotes so­ cial behavior and in the opposite, rejects and sanctioned an­tisocial behavior.

Every single on is important, will be heared, taking serious and all try voluntarily to reach the best for the community.

Today there aren’t more many peolpes, which live matri­archal, because most of them were wiped out by patriarchal barbarians or at least repressed isolated regions.

In this book, I show all facets of the matriarchy, also the spirituality. But on the basis of my own experience and know­ ledge, I advice against from this teachings and practices. Than in my opinion, they descend all from the occult and behind this are demons.

All of the symbols, myths and practices are indicators for this. Therefore I dissuade from this fascet of the matriarchy. But all other on the matriarchy is completely and to recom­mend.

Me for myself would be glad, if there were a goddess, but that is not the case. Unfortunely there is only the god of the bible and all other religions are inspired by demons.


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