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Buch Leseprobe Brummi - The little bear on his big, Dorothee Sargon
Dorothee Sargon

Brummi - The little bear on his big

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Very quietly, I crept away from the box and looked around, making sure there was nobody there.


Soon I was by a staircase and I stumbled down the stairs. Oh … my nose twitched - I smelled cooking and lots of lovely food.


It made me realise that I was getting hungry. I would like a big jar of honey and some bananas.


A little way away, there was a door, and I could see the light through the porthole – the door was slightly open.


Maybe I can get in there and get a jar of honey?, I thought.

Carefully I stumbled in and looked around me. I was in the ship's kitchen. I was actually there.


I saw a jar of honey near a bowl filled with bananas, high on the table.


But how can I get there? Maybe I'll find a chair that I can climb on. Oh I see there is a chair.


Well, I pushed the chair to the table and climbed up, trying to reach the jar of honey.


I tried and tried but I couldn't quite reach the jar.


I would have to get up on the table, but that's not good manners.

Why is that silly jar so far away? I stood on the chair and looked around to find something to pull the jar towards me.


There … I saw on the cooker a soup ladle with a long handle. I was so happy that my heart started beating faster.


Quickly I jumped off the chair, waddled to the cooker and went up on my tippy toes. I stretched my arms up to reach the ladle. Got it!


Carefully, I climbed on the chair again and tried with the soup ladle in my paw to pull the jar of honey towards me.


I saw it coming closer and closer and my mouth started to water.


At last I had the jar of honey in front of me. I moved it right to the edge of the table, slid off the chair and, again on my tiptoes, I carefully lifted the jar of honey and put it on the ground.


But then I remembered ... the bananas? Longingly, I looked at the bowl of bananas.


Maybe I could also use the ladle to get them. Anyway, I decided to try. It started well and the bowl came closer and closer to me.


But then, suddenly, it slid away and fell off the table on to the floor with a loud crash, and broke into little pieces.


I was so shocked that I was panic-struck - I lost my balance and fell to the floor. “Ah!”, I cried out.


“What's all that noise?”, called a sailor from the passageway.








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